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In 2007 I picked up my first fitness magazine. I was mesmerized by the stunning physiques of the women in it’s pages. From that day forward I sought to learn everything I could about fitness.


I unlocked physical strength and inner strength. I discovered a long lasting love for weight training. I became both a competitor and a fan of bodybuilding and grew deeply rooted in that community.


I’ve found new adventures in road cycling, paddle boarding, snowshoeing and a rekindled passion for snowboarding.


Most of all, I find true joy in helping others. I want to help you achieve your training goals and discover what you love about fitness. 

What i offer


1-on-1 Training Sessions

Partner Training Sessions

Online Coaching

Personalized Training Plans

1-on-1 Posing Sessions

Group Posing


Performance Based Goals

Physique Goals

Fat Loss Goals

Event Specific Goals


I am available via text and email to offer my support and guidence to you as your trainer and coach.

Try it out

I offer all new prospective clients one free 1-on-1 training session to see if we are a match!

Consultations are always free!

Looking for a

contest prep coach?

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If you're looking to compete in a bodybuilding competition, Jeff is your man. He has 10+ years experience as a prep coach and an unmatched passion and dedication to his clients and the sport.

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