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I was referred to Jeff through a friend of mine who had used him as a prep coach in the past, and decided to switch to his coaching and compete in my first national bodybuilding competition where I placed 6th.


Since hiring Jeff as my coach I have learned so much about my body, nutrition, and exercise. He truly cares about every single person he coaches and it shows through the immense amount of time and effort he puts into every aspect, from training programs to after hours questions he has answered for me.


One of the best decisions I’ve made for myself both physically and mentally was to hire a well educated, experienced, and personable coach who himself has experience with competing. I plan to continue working with Jeff during all the different phases of my fitness journey, from the stage to a healthy lifestyle off season.


I couldn’t recommend the Zahlers enough to anyone looking to reach their fitness goals.

Nona Christofferson

I did my first show with Jeff Zahler in 2015. He has coached me for four shows, and one guest posing. Some things that make Jeff stand out as an excellent coach are...

*He is very knowledgeable and always learning new things
*Excellent communication
*Extremely professional
*Jeff cares a lot about his clients success and experience
*Very passionate about bodybuilding, it reflects in his coaching

I highly recommend Jeff Zahler as a coach for anyone in any division!!

Aaron Kanner

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I have been training with my coach, Jeff, for over 4 years now. Having competed himself, I knew he would be a good fit for me when I started competing in 2017.


From the training to nutrition – this guy has got you covered. Workouts are intense, but to the point. Some coaches will talk your ear off instead of putting you through the work that needs to be done. This is not the case with Jeff. I find Jeff to be kind & approachable, but also very focused driven, pushing that last set to the max.


For my diet, Jeff gives me a meal plan which has my macros broken down into carbs, fats and protein. The plan is easy to follow & he will change it depending on your fitness goals. I couldn’t have made it this far without his knowledge, help & support.


Cheers to another year as a competitor on the #zahlersquad team!

Laura Hintzen

In bodybuilding, there is a discerning point between thinking you know what you’re doing and actually knowing what you’re doing. For the past 6 years of training, I thought I knew it all. Others used to tell me the same. I was moving big weight for big numbers and was always “beach ready.” Much to my chagrin, Jeff Zahler changed all of that.


When I first started training with Jeff, I learned that there was so much more to the art of bodybuilding—that there was a whole another level I hadn’t even scratched the surface of. For the first time, I felt how muscles should really feel when they achieve true failure; how within a single exercise, you can create multiple resistance curves; how “leaving you’re ego at the door” can help breed true confidence; how each exercise, set, and rep can be meticulously prescribed to serve an overarching purpose; and so much more.


Jeff is so much more than a trainer. He educates you, looks out for you, and always has your back. I’m making the greatest progress of my life and that’s all because of Jeff.

Michael McGuire

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